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April 2008 (Mackinac Island)

For the past 21 years, a group of us women have gone on a weekend retreat away from husbands, kids, and work responsibilities. For the second year in a row, we have traveled to Mackinac Island. It is a real trip to go this time of year before other tourists arrive. With only around 350 full-year residents, the island’s population is about the same as that for Grand Marais. Although the weather was not terrific (we were rained on 3 times -- each time we went out for a walk)l a good time was had by all.

Below is a picture of the Mackinaw Bridge, taken from the bluff overlooking the city. I’ve also included a picture of the Grand Hotel taken from the ferry. As many of you know, the only way to get around the island during the non-winter months is by foot, bicycle, or horse. Notice the bikes lined up in the picture wherein some of our group is pushing a luggage cart to the ferry dock.

Grand HotelGroup walking to ferryHorsesMackinaw Bridge

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