MINERAL OF THE MONTH: Summer 2008 Marra Mamba Tiger’s Eye

The mineral of the month for the summer 2008 update is Marra Mamba Tiger’s Eye. This mineral is found in western Australia, near Mount Brockman, but is thought to have been mined out over a decade ago. It forms when silica quartz replaces crocidolite (asbestiform riebeckite). Marra Mamba tiger’s Eye is known for its quality because it also contains red jasper, yellow chert, and black magnetite. I call it the psychology rock because people see different images in its chatoyant patterns. The fibrous nature of its parallel banded structure causes light to reflect through the layers, that roughly resembles the eyes of tigers or hawks. When there is enough magnetite in a specimen, it can be magnetic.

Other locations for tiger’s eye include South Africa, India, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, China, Brazil, Namibia, and California.

Tiger’s Eye is the planetary stone for Gemini (May 21 – June 20), and the celebratory gem stone for the ninth wedding anniversary.

It is thought by some to help with health and spiritual well being. Others believe that it is a psychic protector, aids in business, and helps one to achieve clarity.

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