MINERAL OF THE MONTH: January 2009 Sea Shell Jasper

The featured mineral this month is what I call Sea Shell Jasper. Others call it Shell Jasper, or Shell Marble Jasper. It is a new mineral that comes from China. Although it is marketed as jasper, it is actually marble. It has beautiful mottled black, white, and gray colored patterns that appear as a conglomerate group of fossils. However, it is metamorphosed marble consisting of mostly calcite with swirls of limestone, chert, and other impurities. One indicator that this rock is not jasper is that it is relatively soft with a hardness of 4. Despite its softness, it takes a nice polish.

This marbleized “jasper” is valued as a sacred and powerful stone that offers grounding and protection. It can help to invigorate and strengthen your physical, mental, and spiritual being.

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