Last year was not a great year for agate hunting, mostly due to the lack of ice flow on Lake Superior. It seems that the ice moves rocks around the basin and moves new rocks to our beach, including agates. Unfortunately, ice on Lake Superior is lacking again this year. Since there is almost no ice, evaporation is expected to be much higher so the lake level may be lower this summer. If that is true, there will be more rock exposed, which may help agate hunting. We will see.

For this update I have some agate pictures that people sent to me. First, here are a few Keweenaw agates found by David Schuder.

Carla and Cal from Wisconsin took my agate class in September and then went agate hunting locally as well as on the north shore. They were successful in finding an agate at Beaver Bay, MN!

While I was out west I spoke at the Albuquerque Gem and Mineral Club. I was a member of this club for two winters a decade ago. It was great to see the members again. Also, thanks to the club members for buying books and agates! Sales from this speaking engagement helped pay a lot of my gas for the trip! Several people brought rocks and agates to show me after my talk was completed. After I arrived home, Claudia Johnson also sent some photos of Luna Blue agates, found in western New Mexico. Some of these photos are below. The second and third photos are of the same agate, showing the rough side and then the cut side.

Finally, in November Chris Seidl from Minnesota visited the U.P. He showed me some of his prime Lake Superior agates. These are all BIG!

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