Given that beach rocks are still for the most part not accessible, I do not have any submissions for recent agate finds. However, Jeff Carlson submitted the following picture in early winter. He found this basaltic matrix rock with a carnelian agate pocket and other brecciated fill. The rock was found at on an undisclosed Lake Superior beach.

Last summer I posted a few pictures of Claudia Wyrick’s agates. She recently sent me some photos of Lake Superior agates her parents found on Isle Royal in the mid-1950s. These agates found by Bud and Gloria Norris include a candy stripped agate, plume agate, sagenite agate, and white agate.

I have been posting customer agate finds for several years. On my blog a month or so ago I included close up photos from some of these agate finds. I’ve decided to include them here, although I spent a bit more time cleaning up the pictures files.

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