This is the slow time of year for people to submit pictures of agate finds. Even this fall I did not receive very many emails. There are a few that I can feature in this update, though. The first is an interesting seam agate found in the Grand Marais area. It also has tubes, or perhaps they are stalk aggregates. This agate was found by Celt and Karen Hicks, who are from Sparta, Michigan.

I received an email from Mark Buda, who lives in the Bay City, Michigan area. They were rock hunting in a gravel pit down state. In amongst fossils and other quartz rocks they found these agate-like specimens. With their thick husk they are not translucent. Since I have not seen them in person I cannot determine if they are agates or banded jasper or chert. I like them so I am including photos below.

For the past year I have been corresponding with David Jude from Ann Arbor. He is a research scientist in the School of Natural Resources. Since I received my bachelor’s degree from this school, I always enjoy corresponding with David. He found this agate near Paradise, Michigan.

I also received an email from Andy Johnson, who lives in the state of Washington. He sent me two pictures of agates he found near Mount Saint Helen as well as some of the beach agates he found on the Pacific Ocean shore. The Mount Saint Helens agates appear to be similar to agates found in Luna, New Mexico as well as in Panama.


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