While at the Muskallonge Show in September at Deer Park, several people brought agates by to show me – all day long! Here are just a few.

Susie Hales from Clare, MI showed me this 10 pound agate found near Grand Marais. She calls it the brain agate.

Donna Sheehan from Cedar, MI displayed several agates, including this interesting paint stone agate with colors from the southwest.

John Marchese from Newberry, MI showed me several agates including this paint stone agate and peeler agate.

Dick Wheeler from Pike Lake, MI found this large three pounder.

Sally Ahrndt from Skandia, MI was showing off this 100 year old Scottish agate broach.

While I was in Minnesota, a friend who wishes to remain nameless showed me this fantastic candy stripped fister. We all wish we could find one like this!

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