The fall update features another reappearance from the original web page. Earl Johnson, from Newberry, MI, and his wife spend most of the summer in Grand Marais agate hunting. While they were on the beach, they spoke shortly with my friends, Gerald and Jill, who I go to Moose Lake with each July. Gerald, with his wet suit on, was kneeling in the shallow water. Soon after he swam off, Earl looked down to the spot that Gerald was kneeling and found this large one-pound peeler! Earl asked me to face polish the end, which had great results!

George and Marion Curtis, of Grand Marais, were visited by their son Jeff and family from British Columbia. Pictured below are Jeff, and daughter, Katie. While here, they found this 2-½ pound specimen. From the outside, it was difficult to tell exactly what was going on so they asked me to cut a slab off the end. We were surprised to see this unusual, paisley moss agate.

Each summer the Newago Rockers come to Grand Marais to agate hunt. It seems that the group gets larger each year as the rockhound “virus” spreads. Pictured below are some of the agates that Gretchen Fairnosi and family found this year.

One more agate found early this fall was a gray/white shadow agate by Rick Waml. What is interesting about this agate, which I face polished, is that it appears to be similar to a Botswana agate. In fact, I would have bet on it so either someone seeded the beach with a Botswana agate, or most likely, this specimen shows how similar agates from different locations can be.

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