Several great agates continue to come into the museum. Some of the rockhounds who were featured in the original web page, which was not archived in the new web page, have taken on the challenge to reappear. Mark and Lynn Boll from Amherst, WI are the first to accomplish this feat. Pictured are four of the many agates they found while vacationing in the Grand Marais area this month. The upper left agate is a spectacular tube agate. The picture does not adequately show how the tremendous translucency allows you to see the tubes from end to end. The upper right specimen is not agate, but it is an unusual orbicular jasper. Mark and Lynn asked me to face polish all four specimens.

Allison Testolin from Iron Mountain, MI found this large 6 ¾ pound specimen. Although it does not have a distinctive fortification pattern, there is agate popping out throughout the rock.

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