Since winter has hit the Grand Marais area with a vengeance, there has been little to no agate hunting these past few months. Once in a while there is a minute patch of gravel drudged up by moving ice, especially during the early winter and early spring. Sure enough, when I was trekking down the beach with friends, Jamey and Lois Fite, Jamey found a small little agate chipper on December 1st.

In March I received an email from Cheryl Haessig. The text in the email: “Hi, came across this agate in a display that came from Grand Marais Michigan. Believe he bought it from your shop a couple of years ago. Cheryl Haessig (frequent summer visitor to Grand Marais)”

This was one of the museum founder’s agates that I decided to sell.

For the rest of the photos included in this web page update, I am including some of the close up pictures I took using my USB microscope camera. The detail is amazing.

Let’s start with a couple close ups of Lake Superior agates.

Next: Argentina Condor agate.

Equally magnificent are these photos of a Montana Dry Head agate.

Finally last, but certainly not least, a couple pictures of an Australian Queensland shadow agate.


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