January 2023

The 2022 agate hunting season was a little better than the 2021 season, which was better than the season in 2020. It became clear this year that there is still a large gap in skill between those who exert the effort to get up the learning curve, spend considerable time agate hunting, and maximize their patience.

The number of people visiting the Gitche Gumee Museum last summer significantly increased, most likely because I had announced that the museum was permanently closed in August. Thus, I did not have much time to look at customers’ agates let alone take photos of them. So I do not have many photos to post in this last webpage update.

Melissa and Charlotte Bolen visited the Grand Marais area from their home in Pinckney, MI. They found the beautifully banded agate shown above.

Another visitor to our beaches was Mark G., from Beaverton, MI. He found this nice 4.42 ounce fortification agate.

An unusual specimen was found by Pam Vermette from Tawas, MI. It has a carnelian cap with cold-water agate-like structure.

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