Current Grand Marais Scenes – January 2022

Because it has been several months since I posted a web page update, I will include photos from late summer, fall, and early winter.

The four late summer photos below include a photo I took of the Mackinac Bridge when I was on a ferry going to Mackinac Island to visit with my oldest son and his family, a photo of Sable Falls, a photo of the ferry at Kitch-iti-kipi Springs (located west of Manistique, MI), and a photo of me on the golf course.

Three fall photos are below including one of the inland portions of the Pictured Rocks located not far from the Beaver campground area, a photo taken at sunset from the beach east of Grand Marais, and a photo of fall colors taken during a hike in the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore.

Six photos taken during early winter are below including two taken on the beach near Woodland Park, one picture taken on a foggy day in the Grand Sable Dunes, two photos taken in the Burt Township School Forest (located four miles east of town), one picture of the future Agatelady Rock Shop, four photos taken during a beach snowshoe on and west of Coast Guard Point, and two pictures taken at the Sable Lake boat ramp.

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  1. Thank you Karen for sharing with us. I so enjoyed your articles and pictures. So many great times in the Great Lakes. What a magical place to be.

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