Current Grand Marais Scenes November 2020

Given the crazy busy summer, I did not have much time to get out and go on adventures.  But I did get out at least a few times to get a few photos.  Of course, I always must include a Lake Superior sunset picture.

I also have to include some beach photos.  The three photos below were taken on a beach east of Grand Marais.

It is also imperative that I include a couple of photos from the Grand Sable Dunes.

When I was with friends east of town, we ventured down the beach to see part of a shipwreck.

When my son and his family were up visiting, we drove into the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore.  We hiked into the Au Sable lighthouse and stopped at the mouth of the Hurricane River.

The next photo was taken from town looking across the bay toward Lonesome Point, showing the break wall in the foreground.

The final two photos were taken in October after one of our early snowfalls.  A friend and I hiked through the school forest to the bluff over Lake Superior.  The erosion on the shoreline continues.  During the hike, my friend spotted the barred owl that was resting on a lower branch around 100 feet to the right of the trail.

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  1. While you are enjoying your fall and early snowfall, we are sweating down here in Florida with 90+ temperatures. I am so glad to see the photos and cannot wait to go north. Thank you for brightening up my day.

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