Current Grand Marais Scenes May 2020

As many of you know, for the first time I decided to go to Florida for a few months this past winter to work on my golf game. After leaving Grand Marais, I visited both kids and their families for Christmas before heading to Panama City Beach. Shutting down my house in Grand Marais paid for renting the condo. Finally, after working on my game for over two months, I met my goal of shooting less than 100 shots for 18 holes two days before leaving Florida! Thanks to all my family and friends for supporting me during the two years of working on my golf swing! It was my first time golfing at Signal Hill, but I had a 95!

I arrived home in Grand Marais at the end of March. I knew there was still snow on the ground, but it was still weird to go from sunny weather with temperatures in the 80s to winter weather with temperatures in the teens! Here are photos of the snow at the museum, on the south side of my house, in front of a garage on Coast Guard Point, and in the woods on the national park’s cross-country ski trail.

After arriving home, I self-quarantined at home for three weeks. I did, however, spend time along the Lake Superior shoreline.

I also spent time hiking near Sable Lake as well as in the Grand Sable Dunes!

As the snow started to melt, the deer began hanging out in front of my house. Since I was in quarantine, it was nice to have company!

Slowly but surely the snow started to melt. I had amazing icicles hanging from my roof. Also, the water table is VERY high. There is flooding in low areas more than normal.

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