Current Grand Marais Scenes November 2019

Since I was so busy this year with the museum and rock show responsibilities, I not only did not get out on my usual number of adventures, but I also did not get to take many photos in the Grand Marais (and other) areas. Because I have not had many webpage updates this year, I will include pictures I have taken since the beginning of 2019. I did not take many, but there are a few.

First, I must include one of the pictures I took of the total lunar eclipse on February 20-21st. I used a tripod and zoom lens.

Last winter was one of the snowiest since I have lived in Grand Marais (moved here the summer of 1994). I had to put on snowshoes and roof rake at least a dozen times. It was a beautiful winter, though!

Spring seemed a long time coming since it took forever for all the snow to melt. It was welcomed by many of us Yoopers!

As spring eased into summer, for me it meant a return to the golf course. Even though I was crazy busy this summer, except for the period just before the rock show – I continued the pursuit of improving my golf game. Before I started my lessons at the end of the 2018 golf season, my highest handicap in the Newberry Country Club league was 26. With the help of my golf coach, I lowered it to a handicap of 20 in the league this year. However, when I was not under the pressure to perform in the league, I golfed much better. My goal was to beat 100 strokes in 18 holes. I almost did that matching 100 twice. However, on nine holes I broke 50 five different times. I need more practice in my pitching, chipping, and putting. Once I improve these parts of my game, I expect to break 100 stokes to be sure!

Fall started out busy with the rock show. Then I had to just finish out the museum hours at the end of September. Once the Mason show was done in October, I took a few deep breaths and regrouped. I finally was able to take the time to go on an epic Chapel Loop hike at the end of October. Several of these pictures are included here. The fall colors this year were delayed and spread out. It seemed like we had some reds early. The forests continued to explode with color through most of October.

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