Current Grand Marais Scenes December 2018

For lots of different reasons, this year I did not go out on as many adventures as was true in past years.  However, there is no problem in selecting several photographs I’ve taken since the last web page update.

Our fall in Grand Marais had bizarre weather.  In September, we had several days with temperatures in the 80s.  The fall color process had already begun but was slowed down a bit by the warm weather.  As a result, the color season lasted longer than normal.  Here are a few pictures I took on adventures in the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore.

Just has been true for the past several years, the number of high-wind events seems a lot higher than it used to be.  Here are a couple photos of big waves caused by a huge storm we had early fall.

Although winter is a bit slow to start, we have had at least a couple of storms with six inches or more.  But then warm weather significantly decreased the snow pack.  Below are some early winter photos.  The first in Lonesome Point, located on the northeast side of Grand Marais Bay.  Many of the apples (again this year) never dropped from the trees.  I love the way they catch snow.  The last two photos were taken at Sable Lake.  The first picture I took from the Overlook.  It shows an evergreen leaning over the first coating of ice.  The second shows my beloved sand dunes.

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