As I said in the introduction on the home page, spring has not yet sprung in Grand Marais. There is still considerable snow and ice on the Lake Superior shoreline and the back roads around the Grand Marais area are not yet open. It is hard to determine when winter will loosen its grip on the Upper Peninsula, but there most likely will not be decent agate hunting until sometime in May. The good news, though, is that there has been considerable moving ice on the Big Lake. It is ice that moves rock (including agate) to the south shore. So, hopefully, the agate hunting in the Grand Marais area will be good this year!

For this web page update, I would like to feature agates found in southeastern Wisconsin and northwestern Illinois. I received emails with photo attachments from Lars Adams. Although I have seen specimens and other photos of agates found in Wisconsin, these are more translucent with well-defined structure. He also is finding a wide array of silicified fossils and pseudomorphs. Lars has decided to call these agates “Lake Michigan cloud agates.”

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