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For this webpage update, I have selected some of my favorite pictures from the Fall and early Winter. Let’s begin with a couple of photos from the Chapel Loop hike I did with friends in October.

A fall sunset from the beach in Grand Marais.


Here are a few pictures I took during the early winter months in November and December. We received a huge amount of snow in December with one multi-day blizzard that dumped more than two feet of the white stuff.

One of the reasons I purchased a camera with a powerful built in zoom lens is to have the ability to quickly capture photos of animals. Below are two pictures I took of whitetail deer and one of a muskrat.

This is the third winter in a row that we have received a lot of snow. If we would not have had the partial melt in December, we would be even more buried than we are right now. Pictures took the first few weeks of 2015 show just how much snow we have received.

First, here is a formation in the shelf ice (that we locals call icebergs). These two photos were taken a few weeks apart.

More winter photos…..

The depth of the snow as of early February is shown in the two pictures below. The first photo is of a garage located out on Coast Guard Point. The second photo shows the snow depth on the south side of my house.

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