I would like to thank everyone again for the positive comments about the pictures I post on the blog at, as well as those I put on my personal Facebook page at Sometimes, but not always, I duplicate a few of the photos between the two pages. This helps save time, plus there are different people who visit the two web pages.

For this web page update, I have selected some of my favorite sunset pictures. Beginning early spring, the sun sets far enough to the northwest that we finally get to see it peek out from behind Au Sable Point. We can seemingly see the sun dip to the horizon until the sun again sets behind Au Sable Point in the fall. This year there was floating ice on the lake into June, so I was able to get some interesting sunset photos.

The photo below shows some of the floating ice. This picture was taken on May 28th.

Many of you know that I am passionate about the Grand Sable Dunes. The picture below was taken from the middle of the dunes.

Of course, I have to include a beach photo. The picture below was taken around six miles east of Grand Marais.


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