I have not had a lot of time for hiking adventures this summer, but I have had a few great outings.

After posting the last web page update in March, I did a series of snowshoes on the beach in front of Woodland Park. Here are some of the photos taken from March through April.

Here are some more late winter, early spring photos taken on the beach and in the Grand Sable Dunes.

One of my favorite things to do in the winter is to go to frozen waterfalls. Here are some shots that were taken at the Eben Ice Caves, as well as one of the creeks in Grand Marais.

During the winter, the whitetail deer hang out in my yard and dig for apples. Since the apple crop was not well last fall – the deer were very hungry. So in April, I did feed them corn in my yard.

Here are a couple of beach scenes showing driftwood and ice break up, followed by some other spring scenes.

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