This seemingly has been the winter that wasn’t. Sure we have had cold temperatures, but for the second year in a row, I did not register any readings at my house below zero. The coldest my thermometer read was around 2 degrees F. During most of the winter the high temperatures were in the 20s and 30s. This week in mid-March we have seen temperatures in the 60s. Until the beginning of March, we didn’t even really have a full blown snow storm. In that storm, we received almost two feet of snow. I just called the County Road Commission and found out that the snowfall total in Grand Marais this winter has only been 148 inches. This measurement is taken south of town in the lake-effect snow belt, so in town, the total is much less. The contact person at the county thinks this may the lowest annual snowfall total ever recorded in Grand Marais.

Despite the mild temperatures, I have still captured some worthy winter scenes. But first is the picture I took of the March full moon. This shot was captured at the end of Coast Guard Point in Grand Marais. OK. I’ll admit it. This image is actually two photos merged together. The actual rising moon is much smaller relative to the pancake ice floating in the channel. It is still a cool image.

The next image was taken from the bluff on the bay looking east toward the harbor lighthouse. It features interesting colors from the sunset.

The next photo I took from Sand Point in Munising, MI. It is a picture of the ice hanging down from the cliffs on Grand Island.

The next two pictures are late-winter beach photos showing some of the shore ice.

These next two photos I took in front of the museum of UP 200 dog sled race teams. Because of lack of snow race officials had to change the route. Instead of starting and ending in Marquette, this year the mushers made two round trips between Chatham and Grand Marais, finishing for the first time on Sunday in Grand Marais.

Although the one winter storm we had was fierce, I bundled up and headed for the beach where I captured this next shot of shore ice.

The last two pictures I took while snowshoeing near the School Forest east of town right after the winter storm. Everything seemed to be covered in snow.

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