Since spring has sprung in Grand Marais, rockhounds have been out to hit the beach. Since I have not had time to do a web page in a while, I’ll include several agates for you rockhounds to drool over.

First I’ll start by featuring the agates found by my friend, Dan Kinney, who lives in the Soo. He backpacked from the mouth of the Two Hearted River west to Deer Park. He had intended on getting all the way to Grand Marais, but the weather turned cold and rainy and was not conducive to agate hunting. He didn’t find any huge agates this time, unlike most of his agate hunting adventures, but he found some wowsers. Here are a couple of group shots of his agates, as well as a close up of my favorite – a nice candy striper.

Next is a peeler Lake Superior agate found in Minnesota by Brad Huus from Duluth .

Herb and Wendy Confer from Owosso, MI visited the museum in late May to show me some of their finds. They also gifted my assistant, Candace, and me with a bottle of pure maple syrup. I’m sure Candace and her husband appreciated it as much as I did! They found over 40 agates, including one with an amethyst center fill.

Jeff Robbins from Lake City, MI also came by the museum. Below is a picture of a ¾ pound Lake Superior agate he found east of Grand Marais last August on an already picked-over beach.

Bryan Wolbrink and his wife from the Grand Rapids area showed off some of their agate finds. They both love visiting the south shore of Lake Superior to look for agates.

Last but not least is an email submission sent to me from Pam Rideout and Margi White. The photo is of agates they found in Washington state.

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