This has been an incredibly windy fall. The winds started Labor Day weekend and have continued off and on (but mostly on) for four months. In the Grand Marais area, we have had a few storms with wind speeds over 60 mph; one storm clocked winds at 84 mph!

We also have had a fairly normal start to the winter. In Grand Marais, we only have around ten inches of snow on the ground as of mid-December. There are areas south and west of town that have well over two feet! Due to the blowing and drifting, there are also several areas in the local woods and in the dunes with drifts that are several feet high.

The photos featured this month in Grand Marais Scenes start with a couple of fall pictures. Each September for the past ten years my sister, Diana, has visited from Holland, MI. We decided several years ago to explore the Upper Peninsula so that we can hike and take pictures. This year we rented a cabin and spent a couple of days having adventures in the Porcupine Mountains. What a treat! We happened to hit peak fall colors and also enjoyed spectacular weather. Here is a shot I took on a hiking trail that overlooks Lake of the Clouds.

In between shows during the few days this fall I was home, hiking friend Wendy and I were able to venture out a couple of times. Before the snow started, we hiked the Chapel Loop in the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. This is around a nine-mile hike that takes you past Chapel Falls, Chapel Rock, Mosquito Beach, and Mosquito Falls. A couple of pictures taken during this hike are below. The first shows the fall colors on the trail to Chapel Falls.


Chapel Falls Trail

The next picture was taken of the cliffs located at the base of Grand Portal Point.

Wendy and I also hiked from the Log Slide to Au Sable Lighthouse a few times. Below is a picture of the lighthouse as well as one taken on the beach just east of the lighthouse.

NOTE: If you are interested in seeing more pictures of the Grand Marais, MI area, please visit my blog at I am not exactly sure what a blog is supposed to be. I use mine as a photo journal.


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