CURRENT GRAND MARAIS SCENES: August and September 2010

We went from a hot August to a cool and windy September. My busy schedule has not allowed time for a lot of hikes. However, I was able to snap off a few pictures while visiting friends around town.

Since I didn’t have time to implement an August update, I’ll include pictures in this update from both August and September.  Let’s start with a picture from this year’s Grand Marais Music and Arts Festival.  We locals really appreciated Al Young returning to the stage – this time featuring his son, Nolan, on the saxophone.

There were several spectacular sunset photos from which to choose. I decided I like this picture taken while hiking in the dunes.

Many of the storms that have rolled through Grand Marais this past month have moved quickly. When that happens, sometimes you end up with a rainbow on the back end of the storm. In August, we were treated to a double rainbow over the bay. The rainbow appeared just before sunset, so the low sun angle gave us a special treat in terms of the rainbow’s quality. Thanks to Andy Mitchell for supplying the full-rainbow shot that my point-and-shoot digital camera could not capture.

Friend, Wendy, and I have hiked west from the Log Slide a couple of times lately. Here are two shots that were taken from the beach located under the footbridge around ¾ of the way down the trail. Both shots feature Jacobsville sandstone, which is the oldest sandstone in the park. It was formed during the pre-Cambrian period around a billion years ago. It is known for its multi-colored nature featuring iron-red staining. The stone has been quarried in places throughout the Upper Peninsula and has been used to make many buildings.

The storms have created some great picture taking opportunities. While at Whitefish Point in August, I captured the black clouds behind some of the museum’s buildings. Also, the waves have been intense before, during, and after the storms. On September 3rd while I was in Charlevoix at an art show, winds were clocked in Grand Marais as high as 72 mph! From what I have heard, waves were as high as 15 feet with some perhaps as high as 20 feet.


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