The Grand Marais July 4th celebration was fantastic this year. The weather was warm, but a good time was had by all. I enjoyed visiting with a friend, Marsha Hendrickson, as well as my aunt and uncle, Lynne and Doug Kane. It is a challenge to get the timing right, especially with digital cameras that have a built-in focus delay, but I enjoy taking pictures of the fireworks. Below is one of the shots.

One of the advantages that we have on the south shore of Lake Superior is that we get to enjoy summer sunsets. I was home working and didn’t get down to the beach to capture the sunset over the lake, but even from my house, this fog-enhanced sunset was spectacular.

Things have been so busy lately that I have not been able to squeeze much time in for hiking. That is not a good thing since I am supposed to be training for my 15th Grand Canyon hike. I have until January, though, so there is still time. Last week I traded hours with Candace so I could have Sunday off. So hiking friend, Wendy, and I headed west and hiked the ten-mile Chapel Loop. It was a bit much since we haven’t been hiking, but we faired well and it was a beautiful day. Below are a few of the shots taken during the hike.


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