Since I now maintain the blog at as well as this web page and include photos on both — I was originally going to separate photos and not duplicate. That is difficult so I’ve decided that the photos on this web page will be my favorite from those included during the previous few weeks on the blog.

This month I am including a couple of photos taken during a hike from the Log Slide to Au Sable Lighthouse in the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. There is a crew of people upgrading the lighthouse complex as well as restoring it to the 1910 era. The lighthouse tower has never looked so good.

Approximately halfway on the hike, there is a bridge that allows you to climb down and gain access to the beach. This is one of my favorite spots in the Grand Marais area.

I have started training early for another Grand Canyon hike that is scheduled for next January. Here is a photo I took during a dune hike of one of the many telegraph poles that at one time connected Au Sable Lighthouse with Grand Marais.

I recently had an invitation to golf on Mackinac Island. I had the opportunity to fly over instead of taking the ferry. Although I have flown over to the island before from St. Ignace, I have never done so during the warm months. The flight provided the opportunity to get this great shot of the Mackinac Bridge.

While on the island I was able to enjoy a sunset from a friend’s property, located on the west end of the island.

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