This month I have several customer agate finds to entertain your rockhoundedness. Although the picture does not do the agate justice, a frequent visitor to the Grand Marais area found this bizarre agate that has amethyst bands as well as brecciated agate sections. He also found a fairly large carnelian agate – but the photo of this specimen did not turn out. Sviatoslav Kozakov is from Warren, MI. They make several trips back and forth all summer long to look for agates. His daughter, Zorian, who is two years old, is also a junior rockhound. One of the very first words she spoke was “agate.”

The next series of agates were shown to me last weekend while I was in the Paradise/Whitefish Point area. First is Becki Cornish, who lives in the Paradise, MI area. She first brought in this lacey amethyst agate to the Whitefish Township Library while I was giving my agate lecture.

Then, when I was at the Shipwreck Museum, she brought in this beautiful Lake Superior agate that also has an amethyst section.

With Becki on that Friday, was her rockhounding friend, Sheryl Wegmann. Sheryl spends time in the Paradise area in the summer, but is from Corpus Christy, Texas. She found two incredible agates, both with a yellow cast which is typical of many of the agates found at the eastern end of Lake Superior.

Finally, another agate I saw at the library was brought in by Joan Snyder. At first glance, the agate looks like sandstone. But upon closer examination, especially after we applied water, the beautiful banding was exposed. My guess is that this is an agate that formed in a sedimentary rock pocket. What a beautiful specimen!


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