Unfortunately, my busy schedule has not allowed me time to go hiking this past week. However, before that, we were able to hike in the dunes many a day. The bugs have been a bit of a challenge on some of the days, but bug shirts and bug hats allow us to be outside and still enjoy the scenery.

On the day that the above photo was taken, we walked north on the Masse Homestead Trail (half way between Sable Lake and the Logslide). We needed our spring hiking outfits while walking in the woods. There is a good access spot to get up into the dunes around a 12-minute hike down the trail. Once in the dunes, we were able to take our bug gear off.

We then headed west to the Logslide, where we stopped and had lunch, and rested. Finally, we walked back to our car down the Masse trail. It was a beautiful day to hike!

The next photo was taken when my friend, Kim, and I went to Marquette. She had never been to the Michigan Nature Association property in Munising, located across from Sand Point. This is a picture of Memorial Falls. I just love the area, with its grottos and peaceful waterfalls.





Although they have slowed down a bit now that flowers are in bloom and it is warmer (after an incredibly cold spring), the hummingbirds are still active. For a while, it seemed like 10 or 12 hummingbirds were fighting for the feeders all day long. I have never seen so many hummingbirds. In fact, there were so many battling it out for the feeder, that my cats were afraid of them!



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