Although I have enjoyed cross-country skiing and snowshoeing this winter, I must admit that I am ready for spring. Even though spring officially has begun, we still have a lot of snow in the woods. The warmer temperatures have made the deep snow slushy, so we have been hiking and snowshoeing in the dunes for exercise. I would like to thank my new exercise partners, Kathy and Steve Correll, for several great hikes these past few weeks.

The images below were taken during some of these dunes hikes. The first photo was taken from the Grand Sable Dunes bluff in the Ghost Forest, which is near Sable Falls. The second picture of Sable River was taken while hiking from the Sable Visitor’s Center to the Ghost Forest.

A few days after these pictures were taken, Grand Marais experienced a huge spring storm with winds well over 60 mph. Unfortunately, the resulting waves broke up many of the icebergs. I was hoping that the bergs would reform to create even higher structures, but it doesn’t look like that is going to happen. The storm also knocked down hundreds of trees and branches. On a snowshoe yesterday from the Sable Visitor’s Center to the Ghost Forest, we had to step over a lot of downed trees. I must admit that the forest looked like a destruction zone.

The three shots below were taken during some of the dune hikes, near Sable Lake.

The last image featured this month was taken while I drove back to Grand Marais from the Escanaba art show last Sunday. My friend, Renee Beaver Stocking, went with me to the show to help out. We decided to take a different route home and drive through Trenary. When we stopped for dinner, Renee noticed the cat sitting on the old fire truck. I would like to thank Renee for her help at the show. Set up and tear down go a lot faster with two people. I would also like to thank her brother, Kevin Beaver and his wife Martha, for letting us stay at their house over the weekend.

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