The weather so far this summer in Grand Marais has been like what I remember it was when I was a kid. Unlike last summer with the searing 90 degree days, the temperatures have been in the 70s during the day and 50s at night. Wonderful! Since there has been enough but not too much rain, this has been the year of wild flowers. Everywhere you go, including the sand dunes, there are wild flowers. Pictured below are a couple of pictures to document some of these botanical surprises, as well as a sunset picture taken from the dunes.

The July 4th holiday was another old-fashioned celebration. I decided to take the year off from walking/riding in the parade with the 1895 bear coat — something I do every few years so I can see the parade myself. Pictured below are a few shots I took during the parade and fireworks. There were a few extra boats in the bay as well as kayaks (not pictured) who watched the fireworks from the water. The theme for the parade this year was: “Save the Grand Marais Bay.”


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