This month has delivered almost every type of weather. We have had temperatures range from the 30s to nearly 90. Despite the variation, though, I have kept up my exercise program and have spent a lot of time hiking in the dunes. While hiking, I took this picture of a downhill skier skiing down the Grand Sable Banks. Although it seems scary, the friction of the sand really allowed the skier to keep complete control. It is a long hike back up, though, carrying the heavy skies and ski boots!

My goal by the end of the summer is to stand on every ridge in the Grand Sable Dunes. While hiking, I’ve discovered many interesting scenes. The picture below was taken from a high dune overlooking Sable Creek.

I also discovered that there are multiple “Ghost Forests.” These trees are uncovered when the wind blows and shifts the sand dunes. I hope that people who are lucky enough to come across these trees respects them and do not break them apart or take any of the pieces. Many of the uncovered trees are thousands of years old.

In June, I backpacked into Chapel to spend some time with friends. Here is a picture of the three of us outfitted for the elements. When the wind is from the south, it is sometimes necessary to arm yourself against the bugs. Thanks to Marsha Hendrickson and Denise Reitz for feeding me some wonderful meals at Chapel!


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