Winter just doesn’t want to leave the Upper Peninsula. Since the wind has been shifting, ice flows are moving around the big lake. In the first photo that was taken from Sable Falls Creek (second creek) looking back towards town, you can see all of the floating ice on the north side of the icebergs.

The bay has been frozen over most of the winter for the first time in many years. It didn’t start to break up until the last week of March, as currents came in from the channel to chip away at the frozen bay. This shot was taken from the balcony of one of the condominiums out on Coast Guard Point.

The third weekend of the month, my friend, Scott and I, skied from the parking lot at Agate Beach past second creek. Although it is dangerous to go out onto the icebergs, we carefully climbed to the top of the first row that was situated over the edge of the beach. The next photo was taken looking west from the top of this first iceberg row. The last shot was taken from beach level, just past Sable Falls Creek. You can see from this last photo that the icebergs are around 20 or 30 feet tall!


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