This has certainly been an “old fashioned” winter. There has been one blizzard after another. It is a good thing that I am a cross-country skier who enjoys being outside in the winter. For if not, I would have missed just how beautiful the winter has been. One of the blizzards blew for over 30 hours with winds up to 66 mph (measured at the light house at the end of the breakwater), and a chill factor of 45 degrees below zero. The blizzard was so intense, that it completely coated the branches of the evergreens. Pictured below are two of my ski friends, Dianna Bell and Sandee Sibald on the backside of Trail B in the national park.

The great amount of snow has started to pile up on shore. Last weekend, a few of us skied in the School Forest out to Goebel Beach. There are three distinct rows of icebergs. Some of the bergs appear to be around 30 feet tall! With much more of winter to go, it is going to be fun watching the icebergs grow.

Although I prefer to ski, one nice thing about snowshoeing is that you often come across scenes with snow that has not yet been walked on. This is a shot I took of the bridge that is across Sable Creek between Sable Falls and the sand dunes, on the way to the Ghost Forest.

While skiing my property late one night, I experimented with taking pictures of icicles hanging off my house.

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