Unlike last year when we had almost no snow until the third week of January, winter has started early this year. The pictures in this update include a couple taken in November on a hike to Au Sable Lighthouse. The first is an interesting picture of the lighthouse, with a late fall sun angle. The second features one of my favorite views of the Grand Sable Banks, taken from the beach east of the lighthouse.

In late November and early December, my friend Scott and I started training to get in shape for this winter’s cross-country skiing. Before the sand froze, this was not a problem. However, the two pictures shown below were taken on a dunes hike that proved to be quite challenging. It is not at all easy to walk up and down dunes when the sand is frozen. Winter dunes scenes, though, are quite picturesque and worth the hiking difficulty!

While returning from the Gitche Gumee Gathering private art show in Marquette last weekend, my friend Renee Beaver/Stocking and I stopped by Munising Falls to check on the progress of ice formation. We were not disappointed. A team of artists could not do a better job than nature has to sculpture both the river and the falls!


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