For the second time in a month, I was fortunate to travel to Minnesota to agate hunt. The main reason for travel this time, was to attend the Moose Lake Agate Days. Thanks to my friends, Gerald and Jill Phillips, I again shared their camp site at the city park, which is located next to the school at which the local rock club holds their agate days event. Unlike the previous two years wherein the weather tortured us with 100+ degree temperatures, the weather was much more conducive to agate hunting. We went to our favorite gravel pit as well as tried other spots recommended by some of the locals.

Since the gravel pit was not operating, we had great access to the various piles. Pictured below is Gerald working his magic.

The number of people who attended the 2:00 pm stampede was out of control. If the attendance continues to increase, the event organizers might want to spread out the rocks over two blocks instead of one. Pictured below is the gravel truck spreading its load containing 400 pounds of agate mixed in with the glacial till, the crowded stampede of agate hunters after the cannon went off, and a dog named Pepper, who was very tolerant of the whole event.

And of course, the agates ……

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