I don’t know if it is the low Lake Superior water level, or the tremendous weather we have been having, but people have been finding some terrific agates this spring.

Bryce Kucharek from Shingleton found 4 “keepers.” The top two are both shadow agates. The bottom right agate is a ¾ pound “fister.”

The next agate is one of the strangest I have ever seen.It was found by Jacie Hunnicutt from Lansing. It appears to have formed as a concretion, inside of a partly-hollow pocket with a chalcedony outer layer. A second picture of the bottom has a distinctive fortification pattern as well as two six-sided, inch and a half hollow cavities, which appear to have had macrocrystals that have since popped out.If anyone has seen a Lake Superior agate like this one before, or if you have any ideas about the genesis of this rare find, please send me an email to .

The next agate was found by Mike Miller from Muskegon, who is pictured below with his wife. This is a beautifully delicate Lake Superior agate with white banding, as well as some carnelian sections. This specimen was found east of Grand Marais.

The last specimen featured this month was found in the Grand Marais bay. The finder wishes to remain anonymous, but has agreed to let us feature the agate in this update. Some surface fractures caused its “owner” to decide to have it face polished. This specimen is one of the finest carnelian agates I have ever seen, which also features some nice shadow bands.

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