It has been difficult to decide what to include in this revamped web page from the original. I’ve gone back and forth on deciding whether to include all previous customer agate finds. In the end, I’ve decided to start anew. I would like to thank all of those who have been featured in previous years for sharing their agate treasures. In the future, we will retain one to two year’s worth of customer agate finds. We will also be a little more descriptive of the featured rockhounds and/or their agates.

Renee (Beaver) Stocking

Renee has lived in Grand Marais on and off since she was a child. After living down state for more than a dozen years, she returned to Grand Marais last September to work at Burt Township School. Last fall and this spring, she has spent a considerable amount of time on the beaches. These are just a few of her recent finds.

NOTE: Renee’s father, Neal Beaver, wrote the introduction to Understanding and Finding Agates. Neal, who recently passed away, was a major influence on my life. Renee also is my oldest friend.


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