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It is not possible to maintain a separate inventory of hand-crafted items to be exclusively listed on the web page. Thus, I made the decision to no longer list mineral art items for sale on this web page. Instead, examples of mineral art items are shown at the bottom of this page.

I also do not list agates, mineral, and other items for sale on this page. These items are for sale only at the museum’s gift shop or at my booth when I exhibit at art shows. For a list of these shows please return to the home page and scroll down.

Also, I often receive email requests for me to send pictures of available agate windows, mineral specimens, or other items. I must admit that after spending considerable time responding to these requests, in most cases the result is that people decide they want to see the items in person before purchasing something. Since I am a one-person operation without enough time to get everything done, I am instituting a new policy regarding email requests for pictures of available items. I ask for a payment of $20 prior to my taking the time to photograph and emailing the pictures. If a purchase is then made, the $20 deposit will be applied to the purchase. If a purchase is not made, the deposit is not refundable. Thank you for your understanding.

PLEASE NOTE: If you want to purchase more than one item, please send me an email to  so that I can adjust the shipping charges.

New Book Available:

Rocks Through Time, Book Two: Geologic History of the Great Lakes Region – $18.95

The second book in the Rocks through Time series is now available. Like the first book, it uses an engaging poetic narrative along with innovative graphics to simultaneously teach and inspire. Book Two describes the geologic history of the Great Lakes region, beginning with the creation of the Earth through current time. The story focuses on the geologic events influencing the development of the Great Lakes chain. Additional information about the Great Lakes region, plate tectonics, and a glossary is also included.

Non-U.S.A. International Orders: Email  for a quote.

Rocks Through Time, Book One: Geologic Stories of Nine Stones – $17.95

This is the first book in a series intended to entertain and teach about the amazing geologic wonders of our planet. The series uses an engaging poetic narrative along with innovative graphics to simultaneously teach and inspire. Book One tells the history of Earth through the geologic stories of nine stones. Additional information is included about the evolution of rocks, the rock cycle, and the characteristics of rocks (igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic), as well as a glossary. The age range for this book is five through adult.

Non-U.S.A. International Orders: Email  for a quote.

The Gitche Gumee Museum’s First History Book – $25.95

Superior Land and the Story of Grand Marais, Michigan describes the history of the south shore of Lake Superior beginning with the first Native Americans and continuing with the coming of the Europeans, the taming of the wilderness, and the development and settlement of the region.  The book is 259 pages long with 205 images.

Non-U.S.A. International Orders: Email  for a quote.

How to Find Agates—A New Method – $16.95

Many people who came into the museum last summer asking for information about how to find agates did purchase the DVD but had no way to play the disk while on vacation. To remedy this issue, I decided to produce a companion book to the DVD. The book is a quick-read how-to book that includes only information about how to find agates. Although it features the Lake Superior agate and some strategies relevant to beach hunting, most of the information is relevant to finding all types of agates in all locales. The book, like the DVD and the online rockhounding class, trains your eyes and brain so that the agates will find you! Included in the 56-page, 5.5×8.5 backpack size book is over 91 photos that will help you learn how to recognize rough agates in their natural environment.

Non-U.S.A. International Orders: Email  for a quote.

DVD: How to Find Agates – $15.95

The DVD has been completed and is now available. It trains your brain and eyes to recognize agate characteristics, introduces a brand new method of searching for the elusive Lake Superior agate, and suggests tactics to avoid the “pretty rock syndrome.” This 47 minute DVD has 11 scenes and includes over 750 photographs and diagrams and is narrated with background music. Much of the information is relevant to agates found elsewhere in the world.

Please note: The shipping price for this item is included in the listed retail price. Because this item weighs less than some of the other items, it’s postage is less.

Non-U.S.A. International Orders: Email  for a quote.

A Comprehensive Agate Book AGATES: INSIDE OUT – $24.95

The book was compiled after conducting over two years of research. It is similar to the first book in that it is intended to make you “think like an agate,” but is much more extensive. It is 258 pages with over 265 color photographs and diagrams. I’ve teamed up with the mineral photographer, Tom Shearer. He takes pictures of rocks like no one else. The book discusses agates from around the U.S. as well as some from other countries. It also describes what agates are, how they formed, and how to look for them.

Non-U.S.A. International Orders: Email  for a quote.

Gitche Gumee Beach Rock Identification Guide – $8.00

This laminated tri-fold guide helps rockhounds to answer a series of questions to identify the top 22 rocks found on the beach, in gravel pits, or in other rock-strewn areas.

Please note: The shipping price for this item is included in the listed retail price. Because this item weighs less than some of the other items, it’s postage is less.

Non-U.S.A. International Orders: Email  for a quote.

Online Rockhounding Class (Click for more information)

Hand-Crafted Agate Products:

Many hand-crafted items are created and made by Karen Brzys. Please see the slideshow below for examples of Karen’s mineral art. If you are interested in purchasing a similar item, please send an email to  or call 906-494-2590 to request an estimate for a custom order.

Since I work on a time and materials basis and because each item is unique and hand-crafted, a specific price cannot be determined in advance. An estimate only can be provided. When you place an order you must pay 50 percent of the estimate to initiate the order. When the item has been completed I will contact you with the final balance owed, which will include sales tax (if you live in Michigan) and shipping. Prior to shipment, you will have to pay the balance.

  • Lamps
  • Mirrors
  • Nightlights
  • Window Panels

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